The Amazing Stroll

House Sitting: An Introduction

An introductory article explaining to newcomers what House Sitting is all about and which kind of lifestyles it can accommodate.

House Sitting: Did you Know?

House Sitting versus Backpacking. Which one’s less expensive? We crunched our numbers and the results left us in shock! Come see for yourself.

The Amazing Stroll

Lightning Fast

Although we like to promote slow travels, circumstances don’t always call for a slow pace. When properly motivated we can move real fast. Lightning fast!

Tropical Tinnitus

Location, location, location... We almost lost our hearing (and our minds) learning that lesson. Oh dear Lord... What have we gotten ourselves into again!

Graceful like a Stork

Anytime we travel to South East Asia, we feel like giants! Going shopping is often a hilarious event as our shirt size magically transforms from a Medium to a XXXXL! Watch what happens when “giants” roam Vietnam!

The Amazing Stroll
The Amazing Stroll
The Amazing Stroll
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The Art of Downsizing


See Nic Wander

What’s house sitting really like