The Amazing Stroll

Weirdness of the day - The series

Weirdness of the day…  is a term coined by Sophie many years ago during one of our trips.

Picture this: Hanoi, Vietnam… We see a man riding a scooter, holding the throttle with one hand, while the other hand is holding a beam placed on his seat which is sticking out at least 4 feet on each side of his scooter, and all the other vehicles around him are trying their best to avoid getting struck by the beam.

THAT… is weirdness-of-the-day; an unusual, somewhat bizarre experience that we never could’ve anticipated in a million years when we woke up that morning.

We’ve experienced many weirdness-of-the-day moments over the years, so here are the best ones, narrated for you, in these short animation videos.

Embrace the madness!


Anytime we travel to South East Asia, we feel like giants! Going shopping is often a hilarious event as our shirt size magically transforms from a Medium to a XXXXL! Watch what happens when “giants” roam Vietnam!

Tropical Tinnitus Poster.jpg

Location, location, location... We almost lost our hearing (and our minds) learning that lesson. Oh dear Lord... What have we gotten ourselves into again!

Bosphorus Poster.jpg

We’ve all experienced the dreaded “brain freeze” pain after drinking a slushie too fast. Oddly enough, being in a foreign country can sometimes feel like that! Do yourself a favor and check your logic at the door. You might not look so silly next time!


Althought we like to promote slow travels, circumstances don’t always call for a slow pace. When properly motivated we can move real fast. Lightning fast!

The Amazing Stroll

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