House Sitting: Applying on Sits

Applying on sits: You've come a long way!

You've done your homework and are now ready to apply on House Sitting assignments. Congratulations!!

Exciting times isn't it?!

To think that when we first met, you didn’t even know that House Sitting existed.

We're so proud of you!

Hopefully, this article will help you be successful in your search, as we look at the best practices in this all important step.

The Amazing Stroll: Look at you now!

The Amazing Stroll: Look at you now!


Applying on Sits: Setting up alerts

When it comes to applying on House Sitting assignments, the proverb The early bird gets the worm has never been so true. Timing is of essence! You want to be in the first batch of 10-12 applicants, which is, on average, the cut-off number Homeowners usually reach before reviewing applications.

Don’t leave it up to chance! Be proactive by creating email alerts on House Sitting platforms for which you have a profile. These are sent out once or twice a day in batches, which may mean that there could be already many applicants by the time you receive these alerts. Therefore, when actively looking, go as far as scanning new assignment listings multiple times a day directly off the platforms.

Don't be reactive! Signing up to a new platform and creating a House Sitting profile based on a sit you’ve seen doesn’t work. You’ll be too late by the time you’re ready to apply.

The Amazing Stroll: Answering the call

The Amazing Stroll: Answering the call


Applying on Sits: The good, the bad and the ugly

The Amazing Stroll: Do I feel lucky?

The Amazing Stroll: Do I feel lucky?

The vast majority of the people within the House Sitting community act in good will with trust and respect.

However, not all House Sitting assignments are created equally.

Most of them are good, some are bad and some are just plain old ugly.

Here’s how you can differentiate them:


The good

The Amazing Stroll: Score!

The Amazing Stroll: Score!

There are zero doubts about what you’re signing up for. If this matches what you’re looking for and you can meet their requirements, apply on it NOW!


The bad

The Amazing Stroll: Hmmm… Maybe

The Amazing Stroll: Hmmm… Maybe

Oddly enough, this could still potentially be a good one, but the listing as it is now leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Is there an explanation as to why the listing has no pics of the pets or of the home’s interior? Bear in mind that some Homeowners prefer to send additional pictures to potential House Sitters after the first round of the selection process. But then again, why are we seeing summer pics for a winter assignment?

Also, you’re 6 KM away from groceries and no car will be provided. Is public transportation available? How frequently does it come by?

No references either. Although not a problem for us, it could be an issue for some.

Nonetheless, with so many pets involved, this assignment is definitely for adventurous, seasoned House Sitters who don’t mind staying at home.

Oh… and what’s the deal with the renos?


The ugly

The Amazing Stroll: Oh come on!

The Amazing Stroll: Oh come on!

As you can see, I didn’t even bother with taking out the red pen to highlight everything that’s wrong with this one; which are called “red flags” within the House Sitting community.

From no pics, asking for money, handling staff, being there during monsoon season… Sophie and I wouldn’t touch that one with a 20 foot pole! Which is why we turned it down when we were approached to “House Sit” there. Yep… this is almost an exact replica of a “House Sitting assignment” that was posted a few years ago for which the Homeowners kept asking us to take on.

You won’t see a lot of those listings, but when you do they sure leap off the page, don’t they!


Applying on Sits: Put your thinking cap on

So… you’ve received an email alert that new House Sitting assignments are available, you’re scanning through them and you see one that’s the perfect fit!

The Amazing Stroll: Try and keep your composure

The Amazing Stroll: Try and keep your composure

Now you’ve got to put your thinking cap on as a bit of creative writing is going to be required.

The Amazing Stroll: Time to sharpen your pencil

Just to be clear, your application message doesn’t have to be a novel. A few paragraphs explaining why their assignment interests you and how you can meet their requirements will do. Don’t ask questions at this stage, that’s what subsequent communications are for.

Demonstrating to the Homeowners that you’ve actually read the entire listing goes a long way.

  • “We have administered medicine to a cat before"

  • “Rural living is second nature to us as we’ve lived in the countryside before…"

  • “We are available for the dates that you require a Sitter"

To give you a better idea, here’s an example of an application we submitted for a House Sitting assignment in Sweden that we ended up being selected for:

The Amazing Stroll: Wow! Who wrote that?!? Hehehehe

Under no circumstances should you:

If you don’t have certain qualifications but would welcome the opportunity to learn, be honest about it. Maybe the Homeowners won’t mind teaching you before they go off on their vacation.


Applying on Sits: What next?

Now that the die are cast, either the Homeowners will want to discuss further with you or nothing’s going to come of it.

In case of the former, we strongly recommend that you schedule a video call with the Homeowners, known as a House Sitting Interview. And might as well read our article about it:


That way you can get to know each other better and find out if you’re truly good fit for them and vice-versa. Kind of feels like a dating site, doesn’t it?

If it’s the latter, well don’t despair. After all, only one applicant will end up being selected per assignment. Just keep at it and one day you’ll be the one crossing the finish line first!

Don’t forget, if you could use a bit more experience and references, consider House Sitting locally before jumping into the International pool of House Sitting assignments. References are House Sitting currency and you’ll want plenty of those to leapfrog ahead of other applicants!

But for now, do not pass Go, do NOT collect $200 and give it another try.

Until next time!

The Amazing Stroll: When it's time, move on to this article

The Amazing Stroll: When it's time, move on to this article

The Amazing Stroll

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