House Sitting Interview

House Sitting Interview: Start your engines

The Amazing Stroll

A House Sitting Assignment has been posted and it’s off to the races!

House Sitters applying left and right!

The Homeowners receiving a swarm of applicants!

It’s now down to the nitty-gritty and only one will cross the finish line!

Do you want it to be you? Then it’s time for a lesson in the art of the House Sitting Interview.


House Sitting Interview: Pump the brakes

“Whoa whoa whoa… An interview? What is this, a job application?”

Short answer: yes.

In every day life, job applications have an interview portion before hiring and House Sitting should be no different.

Look at it this way. House Sitters, are you really going to spend hundreds of dollars on airline tickets, potential fly half way around the world and go in blind on a home and pet care commitment?

Homeowners, are you going to let someone come live in your home and care for your pet(s) without as much as having an actual conversation first?

It’s doing due diligence to ensure that it’s a good fit for all involved.

Not everyone within the House Sitting community adheres to this principle, but we here at The Amazing Stroll swear by it.

Whenever someone vents on a House Sitting Facebook groups about a disappointing House Sitting experience, we often ask ourselves if the parties involved skipped over the Interview portion of the selection process. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but you don’t want to chance it.

The Amazing Stroll: Not so fast!

The Amazing Stroll: Not so fast!


House Sitting Interview: Nuts & Bolts

“Fine! Let’s do a House Sitting Interview!”

“Um… What’s a House Sitting Interview?”

Glad you asked.

In essence, it’s a video call where Homeowners and House Sitters can get a feel for each other and find answers to any questions one might have. It serves to validate your initial gut feeling about the assignment or the applicant.

Before you actually get to the video call itself, you should have a list of questions and clarifications you wish to discuss.

Just don’t forget, it’s a conversation not an interrogation!

At the beginning of the call, put that list aside and just take the time to talk a bit about each other.

“Where are you travelling to?”

“Where have you been before?”

“How did you two meet?”

“Tell us about your pets”

A House Sitting Interview should be fun and relaxing, not stressful.

As the conversation progresses naturally, you’ll see that a lot of your questions will get answered along the way.


House Sitting Interview: Just a few more laps

The Amazing Stroll: Almost there…

The Amazing Stroll: Almost there…

When new to House Sitting, it’s normal that a House Sitting Interview feels a tad awkward. You’ll probably be worried that you forgot to ask something.

Relax… The Amazing Stroll has your back!

Before you end the video call, be sure you’ve discussed the following:

  • Required dates for the House Sitting assignment

  • Arrival and departure dates for the House Sitter

  • Pet care requirements, temperament and concerns

  • Daily and weekly home care requirements

  • Any issues or quirks with the home

  • Security cameras installed inside the home

  • Transportation options for the House Sitter

  • Groceries, amenities, internet, activities around the area

  • Does and don’ts, such as having guests, leaving the home unattended for a day or two, House Sitters bringing their pet to the assignment, etc.

  • Potential emergencies, such as pet illness, home damage i.e. leaking plumbing, last minute cancellation i.e. death in the family

  • Anything else that comes to mind that is of importance to you

Moreover, now’s the time to ask or offer a virtual tour of the house and have a look at the pets. Pictures can only show so much.


House Sitting Interview: Photo finish

The Amazing Stroll: “cough-cough-cough”

The Amazing Stroll: “cough-cough-cough”

Once the interview has concluded, expectations from all involved need to be crystal clear.

Did you accomplish that?


Now it’s time to trust your instincts.

If the interview didn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t a good fit. In that case, it’s okay to walk away or decline an applicant.

However, if everything went well and both parties want to collaborate together on this assignment, then we’re left with a clear winner!

Homeowners, you’ve found your purrrfect fit for your furry loved ones.

Well done!

May you enjoy your upcoming vacation, worry free.

The Amazing Stroll: Your pets are in good hands

The Amazing Stroll: Your pets are in good hands

And to the House Sitters, victory is yours!


The Amazing Stroll: Big winner chicken dinner!

The Amazing Stroll: Big winner chicken dinner!

To the victor go the spoils!

You’ll get to experience a new lifestyle, a new country and have a great time with a couple of bitches at your side.

The Amazing Stroll: Take good care of them

The Amazing Stroll: Take good care of them


House Sitting Interview: Aftermath

Homeowners, you are now left with the ungrateful task of letting other applicants know that you’ve made your choice and they didn’t finish first.

Please let them down gently.

Write them an email to advise them of your decision then sign into your House Sitting account to list your House Sitting assignment as NO LONGER AVAILABLE / LISTING CLOSED.

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s move on to the next phase of the process.

Homeowners, chosen House Sitters, here’s your next article:

There’s a little bit of preparation involved before you finally meet face to face, and we’ll go over all of that in that article.

Now save me a bit of that champagne will ya?

The Amazing Stroll

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