House Sitting: List your House Sit

List your House Sit: Need a break?

The Amazing Stroll: Bad mood Monday

Whoa… Someone needs a vacation!

You’ve come to the realization that you need a break from your daily grind so you start looking at flight deals and places you’d like to go to for some R&R.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what about Little Miss Muffet here?

The Amazing Stroll: Daddy’s Drama Queen

The Amazing Stroll: Daddy’s Drama Queen

Who’s going to look after her while you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere?

Well that’s what House Sitters are for!

Luckily you now know all about House Sitting as you’ve read our House Sitting introduction article. Right?... RIGHT??

OK good… no need to explain it all again.

In order to go on vacation worry-free, you’ll need to list your House Sit so that you can find the best House Sitter for your needs.

Being House Sitters ourselves as well as Homeowners who occasionally require the services of a House Sitter enables us to bring a unique perspective from both sides of the coin.

Let’s have a look at how we can help you set up properly.

The Amazing Stroll: Let’s find you a Sitter

The Amazing Stroll: Let’s find you a Sitter

List your House Sit: Home sweet home

First and foremost you need to select which House Sitting platform you wish to advertise your House Sitting assignment on.

As we discussed in our article House Sitting: The Landscape there is a wide selection to choose from; some more local based, such as House Sit Mexico, to very niche like Kindred Spirits for vegetarians. Most are free for Homeowners and each offer its own little advantages.

Sign up with whichever one best suits you.

Just keep in mind that some platforms have a higher amount of House Sitter memberships than others.


List your House Sit: The pitch

In our previous article entitled House Sitting: Build your profile, we donned our Homeowner hat and dished advice on what we believe a House Sitter should include in their profile.

This time around, allow us to do the same for you and divulge what we want to read in a Homeowner’s House Sitting assignment when we’re looking to House Sit somewhere.

The answer? Details. Detailed information about your home, your pets, your neighborhood and your needs. And pictures of your home’s interior, exterior, as well as your pets!

House Sitters don’t like surprises, they want to know exactly what they will be signing up for.

  • How many pets are involved and what are their daily needs

  • Full disclosure and your pet’s medical history and behavior

  • What sort of care does your home require on a daily/weekly basis

  • Any special challenges or issues with your home

  • Points of interest around the neighborhood, such as groceries, activities, sights

  • Transportation options. Is a vehicle provided, or at least good public transit available nearby?

You can see where this is going. An honest, upfront approach about everything is the way to go.

Include anything you can think of that might be important to mention.

To give you a better idea, we’ll steal the example we used in our article House Sitting: Applying on Sits:

The Amazing Stroll: No surprises

The Amazing Stroll: No surprises

Do not underestimate the importance of investing the time to write a detailed listing that stands out and turns heads.

One year, we were looking at House Sitting assignments for a winter Sit, thinking we’d end up some place warm but ended up House Sitting in Sweden! Sweden in the winter?!? Why?? Because the assignment was beautifully written and the Homeowners seemed like genuine, good-hearted people (they were).

The Amazing Stroll: Hawaii’s over-rated anyways…

The Amazing Stroll: Hawaii’s over-rated anyways…

List your House Sit: Faux Pas

House Sitting is founded on trust, mutual respect and free of charge for both parties involved. Although it’s important to list your needs and expectations, under no circumstances should your listing:

Those are referred to within the House Sitting community as “red flags”.

You insert any of these in your listing and House Sitters will avoid it like the plague.

The Amazing Stroll: Hmph!

The Amazing Stroll: Hmph!


List your House Sit: You’ve got mail

After taking in consideration all that we’ve mentioned, you give it your best shot and write the best listing you possibly can with hopes to attract the House Sitter that will be your purrfect fit.

You cross your fingers, hit POST and wait.

And wait…

Oh! One applicant… two applicant… three, four, five… twelve! Wait! WAIT!!!

The Amazing Stroll: Raise the drawbridge!

The Amazing Stroll: Raise the drawbridge!

Hint: After receiving ten to twelve applicants, change the status of your listing to Reviewing applicants to stop the floodgates.


List your House Sit: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

It’s now time to review the first batch of House Sitter applicants.

How must you go about choosing which ones are adequate for you?



Well… first off, have any of the applicants demonstrated that they have the credentials that you’re looking for? Such as:

  • Adequate home and pet care experience

  • Used to living in your climate

  • Good references

  • Available for the dates you require

Basically, read each House Sitter’s application message and see if they ease your mind and instill trust that they will be able to care for your home and pets to your degree of satisfaction.

It’s easy to spot those that took the time to read your listing in its entirety. Believe it or not, some House Sitters simply message the Homeowners saying: “Please! Please pick me!! I so want to go!”.

Not very elegant, wouldn’t you say?



Secondly, we recommend that you…

The Amazing Stroll: Hokey but true

The Amazing Stroll: Hokey but true

Looking at Sitter’s qualifications will shorten the list of viable applicants, but following your gut instinct will narrow it down to a select few.

The process of selecting a House Sitter really is like dating.

Which ones do you have an unexplained inclination towards?

How comfortable would you be letting into your home and your life?

Have a look at each Sitter’s profile to learn a bit more about who they are and what kind of references they have.

Write back to those you feel would be a great fit and propose that you have a video call, commonly referred to as a House Sitting Interview within the community.

The Amazing Stroll: Your next article

The Amazing Stroll: Your next article

Although not all Homeowners and House Sitters adhere to this principal, we strongly believe that a video call is too much of an important step to skip over. Getting a feel for one another and clarifying all that the House Sitting assignment entails is a must to ensure that you truly are a good fit for each other.


List your House Sit: What next?

Your almost at the finish line and a select few House Sitters are in the lead.

But what about all the ones that aren’t on your short list?

Be a good sport and take a few minutes to compose a short message to be sent to all those aspiring House Sitters who took the time to apply on your listing but didn’t make the cut.

It’s just best practice and common decency.

Also, it’s a possibility that after all of this you’re still going to come up empty handed.

If that’s the case, change the status of your listing to active and start the process all over again until you have sufficient House Sitter applicants to review once more.

Eventually you’ll have your short list of candidates to video call.

The Amazing Stroll: Your next article

The Amazing Stroll: Your next article

Well will you look at that:

The Amazing Stroll: A job well done

The Amazing Stroll: A job well done

Kitty’s happy and so are we.

The Amazing Stroll

Found this informative? Enjoyable to read? Disappointing?? Share your thoughts by adding a comment down below!

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