House Sitting: The Handover

The Handover: Greetings animation


The Handover: Making new friends

Whoa! Looks like someone’s saying hello!

The Amazing Stroll

Maybe not everyone’s happy to see the Sitter.

Care for some tea?

Maybe a bite to eat?

Everybody gets acquainted, talking a bit about there lives and their travels.

The Sitter settles in while the Homeowner gets the harness and leash. Looks like someone needs to pee.

The Amazing Stroll

The Handover: The once-over

The Sitter got a feel for the neighborhood and already feels more at ease.

Sally the neighbor invited him to go to the museum on Thursday!

The dog barks, reminding everyone that it’s feeding time.

The cat went into hiding, observing the scene.

The Amazing Stroll

The Sitter asks the Homeowner a few more questions and writes down some notes.

Morning feedings are at 8:00, no table scraps for either of them, do not expose them to bright lights or sunlight, let them get wet and never feed them after midnight.

Just kidding…

It’s time to turn in, tomorrow’s the big day.


The Handover: Dry run

The Homeowner’s plane is this afternoon, so she’s busy with last-minute stuff.

The Sitter makes breakfast and takes over pet duties.

“Oh!” Says the Sitter. “The Homeowner’s guide says that recycling is today, let me take care of that”

The Homeowner is at ease, knowing that the Sitter has things under control.

The dog took a liking to him and I’m sure the cat will come around too.

The Amazing Stroll

The Handover: T-minus zero

The Homeowner’s luggage are at the door.

Time for some well deserved R & R.

“Enjoy your vacation, I’ll handle the rest!” says the Sitter.

No one is worried, everything will go smoothly.

The cat suddenly realizes, who’s in charge of it’s food.

The Amazing Stroll

The Handover: Closing animation


The Handover: Follow-up article

The Amazing Stroll

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The Amazing Stroll

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