House Sitting: The Landscape

House Sitting Landscape: Uncharted territory

“House Sitting sounds awesome!!! I want to get involved as well!”

If this was your reaction after reading our House Sitting: An introduction post, then you’re at the right place. House Sitter and Homeowner alike.

For many years we had looked after homes and pets for friends and family now and again, all the while oblivious to the fact that an entire House Sitting community was out there.

Heck, our friend Helen has been doing this for almost 30 years straight with just word of mouth.

The one time we needed a House Sitter for ourselves we had found them on Kijiji (a Canadian version of Craigslist).

We are eternally grateful that our paths crossed with Johanne and Doug from and learned about the House Sitting Landscape. And now just look at us… we’re House Sitting internationally every year!

Luckily for you, we’re going to do our best Johanne and Doug impersonation and show you the way forward towards your House Sitting aspirations. Let’s explore together what’s out there.

The Amazing Stroll: Full throttle

The Amazing Stroll: Full throttle

House Sitting Landscape: Platforms

Numerous House Sitting assignments are listed daily on a wide number of House Sitting websites. Homeowners post their assignment, detailing their requirements and House Sitters apply on the ones that match their needs and expertise. Homeowners narrow down their choices of House Sitters and make their final selection usually after a video call with all involved.

Multiple house sitting platforms are available, for a yearly subscription that can range from free to about $119 USD, such as:

$139 USD/Year.

25% Discount available through House Sitting - The ultimate lifestyle magazine.

Up to 2,000 active sits listed mostly in Europe, Australia and the US.

Uploading external references is available.

"Family friendly" filter function available (for House Sitting with children).

$89 USD/Year.

Discovery option available (apply up to three sits for free).

Up to 500 active sits listed. Mostly European sists, especially France.

Less competitive than Trusted HouseSitters

Cannot upload external references.

"Stopover" feature available, which means that you can stay at Homeowners homes for a few days when in transit.

$20 USD/Year (free for Homeowners).

Up to 200 active sits from all over the world.

Less competitive than TrustedHousesitters and Nomador.

Uploading external references is available.

$50 CAD/Year (free for Homeowners).

10% Discount available through House Sitting - The ultimate lifestyle magazine.

GBP £49 / £79 (basic and premium plans).

Membership discounts available on the HouseSit Match Facebook Group.

Up to 50 active sits, mostly from the UK and Spain.

Can upload external references.

House Sitting Landscape: Niches

Some platforms are region or theme specific, such as:







New Zealand






"Luxury" sits


Paid positions i.e. jobs


Vegetarians and vegans


House Sitting Landscape: The paradox of choices

The Amazing Stroll: So many to choose from!

The Amazing Stroll: So many to choose from!

As you can see, lots of options out there; too many to list! And to think you probably didn’t know about any of these before reading through that list.

Best to start by picking a few specific House Sitting platforms that meet your requirements as opposed to signing up for too many of them.

Personally, we’ve chosen three and are happy with our choices. Try and figure out which ones! Heheheheh! Ok… we have profiles on TrustedHouseSitters, Nomador and Mind my House. Now you know.

We almost forgot; Facebook groups with House Sitting assignments are also a thing, and there are many! However, this is a less formal way of “doing business” and can come with more risks since checks and balances aren’t involved as with specialized sites, so we’d advise against them. Some people have had success with them, so to each his/her own.


House Sitting Landscape: Resources

Besides websites listing House Sitting assignments, the following resources can help you stay in touch with the people with the House Sitting community, talk inside information or even get a competitive advantage when it comes to applying on sits:

Written by the people within the House Sitting community.

Learn House Sitting tips, travel tips and stories.

Published for free every two months.

Discount coupons available each issue.

Searches multiple sites at once!

Possibility to use search filters based on location, dates and responsibilities, but cannot create alerts.

The search will include results from: House Carers, House Sit Match, Mind My House, Nomador, Trusted Housesitters, Mindahome Australia, Happy House Sitters, Mindahome UK, Mindahome USA.


Share House Sitting insight privately with other House Sitters.

Paid site that allows you to get instant real time search alerts from multiple platforms (Nomador, House Carers and House Sit Mexico).

There is a basic and premium fee (currently both at $60 USD and $99USD respectively) and other types of membership packages with various benefits.


Meet other House Sitters and arrange meetups when sitting internationally.

Free for 30 days and paid option.

They will help you navigate the House Sitting world if you don't have time or know-how to do it yourself.


Multiple Facebook groups of house sitting communities, such as:

To find more region specific Facebook groups, try searching keywords such as: “country + house and pet sitting”.

This will yield results such as House and pet sitting Spain and Portugal, House and pet sitting France, House and Pet sitting Mexico, etc.



The Amazing Stroll: Submerge yourself into House Sitting

The Amazing Stroll: Submerge yourself into House Sitting

We’ve just thrown a ton of information at you so take the time to explore the sites and the resources at your disposition. It can be overwhelming at first but you’ll get through it (we all did).

For all of you who aspire to become House Sitters, you next post to read is this one:

The Amazing Stroll: Sitter’s next article to read

The Amazing Stroll: Sitter’s next article to read

Because once you’re ready to roll, you’ll need a nicely written profile to advertise yourself to all the Homeowners out there looking for someone like you.

If on the other hand you’re a Homeowner in need of a vacation who would like to use the services of a House Sitter, then this post is for you:

The Amazing Stroll: Homeowner’s next article to read

The Amazing Stroll: Homeowner’s next article to read

We’ll provide you with guidance on what to include in your assignment to have all the House Sitters raising their hands to care for your home and pets while you go enjoy some R&R.

All right… enough about this. We have to go feed the cat and you, you have some exploring to do!

Let’s meet up again on the next House Sitting post.

The Amazing Stroll: I’m coming!

The Amazing Stroll: I’m coming!

The Amazing Stroll

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The Amazing Stroll

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