Life's Little Pleasures: Music Edition Volume 1

Life’s Little Pleasures: Our gift to you

Often times, when a traveler writes about places they’ve been to it revolves around sights, attractions and food.

That’s all fine and dandy, but unless it inspires you actually hop on a plane and go experience it for yourself, it can be pretty hard to relate to.

But music… now there’s something that’s accessible from the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve read my Artist Portfolio you already know that I’m a musician, so you can just imagine how much music is a big part of my being.

Therefore, I took it upon myself to ask some of my travel peeps to share some of their favorite musical discoveries while travelling abroad and made sure to include some of my own as well.

A little gift from us to you, if you will.

So grab your headphones, sit in your favorite chair and enjoy this musical Journey.

This is Life’s Little Pleasures: Music Edition, Volume 1.


Life’s Little Pleasures: KES The Band - Tobago

“While traveling in Tobago, we heard this song everywhere. We had no idea what it was called but it was so catchy. We would have it stuck in our head for hours even though we only had a few words. It took a lot of researching online until we managed to find out what it was called!”
— Molly Ronan, The Nomad Pup

You can check out Molly’s Travel blog at


Life’s Little Pleasures: First Aid Kit - Sweden

“If you think Sweden and music, the first thing that will pop in your head is ABBA. I mean who can blame you? They’re musical icons, having sold a gazillion records over the years. Heck, there’s even an ABBA museum in Stockholm! However, when we House Sat in Sweden, we learned that folk music is pretty big over there, and THE biggest folk act right now are these two sisters who formed the folk duo First Aid Kit”
— Philippe Lalonde, The Amazing Stroll

Life’s Little Pleasures: Mary-Jess - China

“I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise with my parents to the British Isles
and this was one of the shows they had for us one night. I was actually
hesitant to go because in the on-board newsletter we received, the act
sounded a bit strange. But I am definitely glad I went, as she has
become a favorite of mine and I have started to follow her career.

Her name is Mary-Jess Leaverland, and she is an English

One of my favorite songs of hers is Are You The Way Home?. I would link
to it, but the video is unavailable in the US and Canada on YouTube.”
— Ryan, the under cover traveller

Learn more about Mary-Jess at:

And be sure to check out Ryan’s History Travel site at:


Life’s Little Pleasures: Manifiesto Urbano - Nicaragua

“Back in 2014, we spent 7 months in Nicaragua, yet only came across this group on the last night before our departure. We were having dinner at restaurant run by locals and this great song started playing. Our waiter told us it was Manifiesto Urbano, located out of Managua, Nicaragua. We wish we would have discovered them sooner and caught one of their shows.”
— Philippe Lalonde, The Amazing Stroll

Life’s Little Pleasures: Soda Stereo - Argentina

“My cousin works for Cirque du Soleil, often spending months on ends abroad because of work. She recently told us about her time in Argentina, detailing how life is over there, talking about the country’s political climate and struggles during the 1980’s. At the heart of it all, was Soda Stereo, who to this day are still revered like Gods.”
— Sophie Mayer, on behalf of Lucie Janvier

The Amazing Stroll

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