The Amazing Stroll can contribute to the success of your newspaper by…


Stimulating interest

Offering new content

Offering relatable content



Looking to insert new content in between the classics found in your comic strip section?

How about featuring The Amazing Stroll’s travel comic strips in your newspaper publication?

Every Friday our travel comic strip collection grows with new non-fictional travel adventures featuring Sophie and Philippe, bumbling around the globe.



We live in an age where more and more people can afford to travel.

It is a booming industry that is showing no signs of slowing down.

And yet, the world of travelling has seldom been portrayed in comic strip fashion.

Your readership and visibility could benefit from it by giving it a wider platform.



“Isn’t travelling too niche of a content?”

Not at all!

People who travel immediately relate with the travel stories depicted in our comic strips and think back on their own similar events.

Non-travellers feel validated with their decision to stay home and not expose themselves to the outer world.

Regardless where you sit on the travel side of the coin, these comic strips are above all else funny. They serve their purpose of adding enjoyment to it’s readers.

The two main characters are well defined and relatable, and with the world as their playground, there’s no shortage of funny travel mishaps to tell.


The world…

is your playground