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Need an Artist?

I will happily lend you my husband for any artistic needs you might have:

  • Drawings for Book Covers or Animations

  • Guest Blogging

  • Script or Lyric writing

  • Music composing or Voice Overs

Have a look at his artist portfolio and get in touch with me so that we can work something out!


The Amazing Stroll

One could say we've been around. And back. And around... With a combined 50+ years of globetrotting between us we've exposed ourselves to countless cultures, experiences and adventures, which in turn has brought us both tremendous personal growth.

After many years spent in on-the-move backpacking mode our travel style has slowed, most often now based on House Sitting assignments. In our opinion there's nothing else like it. The longer you stay in one place, the more the area and its people open themselves up to you and enrich your life in a way that no hop-on/hop-off tour ever could.

If you wish to get in touch with us to discuss the possibility of a House Sitting assignment, please send us an e-mail.

House Sitting Profile

The Amazing Stroll


Hello, we are Sophie and Philippe, a happily married couple since 2011 as well as loving and attentive rescue-cat parents. We are quiet by nature, friendly, caring, responsible and trustworthy. After extensive travelling throughout our lives, we now prefer to experience new cultures like a local and explore the environs in leisurely fashion - soaking in the ambient life for weeks at a time in the company of animals. In the past, we’ve had excellent House Sitters look after our home and cat while we were away on vacation and now wish to do the same for you!



Our previous House Sitting assignments were located in North America, Central America, Europe and even Turkey. We have cared for pets such as dogs, salt water fish, and many wonderful cats. Philippe is especially gifted with cats, being quite the cat whisperer; cats seem to accept and trust him quickly! It will be our pleasure spending countless hours cuddling and playing with them.

The Amazing Stroll

Pet Care

Throughout our lifetime, we have both had pets, therefore we understand the importance of knowing our beloved animals are well looked after. For example, we have cared for:

  • Various breeds of cats and dogs, living inside and outside;

  • Elderly and injured cat, requiring medication;

  • Strays, rescue animals, street animals, and pure breeds (Main Coon and Siamese); and

  • Had to deal with pet medical emergencies.

The Amazing Stroll

Home Care

As Homeowners and House Sitters, we have:

  • Been responsible for properties including all care and maintenance;

  • Done renovations, troubleshooted household problems;

  • Practical experience handling tools of all types;

  • Built and cared for exterior gardens;

  • Mowed lawns, shoveled snow, trimmed hedges, maintained a swimming pool; and

  • Lived in a variety of setting from Canada’s icy cold to tropical countries with heat, humidity and too many bugs to mention!

The Amazing Stroll


We both speak French and English fluently, in addition Philippe also speaks some Spanish and has a knack and eagerness for learning new languages. Furthermore, we are both non-smokers and non-drinkers! We are home bodies, who also enjoy walks, meeting locals, yoga and cooking at home with ingredients from a local food market or store.


Trust Factor

Sophie also has a working background in security and will always make sure your home is secure and that your privacy is maintained.

We also hold Canadian federal (RCMP) police background check certificates (May 2017) so you can have full peace of mind and confidence in your House Sitters. Sophie also graduated from the HOUSE SITTING ACADEMY.

We will treat your home and pets with the utmost respect. When we leave a home, we make sure that it’s clean and tidy as Sophie loves to clean! We have really excellent references and would love to share them with you, upon request. We are active members with profiles on the following House Sitting platforms:

We look forward to hearing from you!

House Sitting References

From Robyn & Eric
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada(May 17-24, 2018)        TrustedHouseSitters.com

"Sophie and Philippe are both delightful! They were very accommodating of a crazy, ever-changing trip schedule for this sit. One of our cats was ill and they took great care of her. Everything was in super shape when we returned and the cats didn't seem to have missed us at all. We recommend them highly! Robyn and Eric"


From Lisan & Jan
Torsaker, Sweden (January 30, 2018 - March 31, 2018)

"Philippe and Sophie are an amazing team and we couldn't have wished for better house-sitters.

They took care of our home and our cats and shuffled away a lot of snow during the cold wintermonths. They did everything with so much love and dedication that it blew our minds!

Philippe even stepped in for me and gave some yoga to the locals at our home. Sophie truly loves cleaning and we came back to a happy and shining home and a warm meal. They even took care of unexpected guests that wanted to book our guesthouse.

We were lucky to be able to spent some time together and we feel we have made new friends."


From Katherine L.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada (June 13-21, 2017)

"Sophie and Philippe left my apartment in immaculate condition! It was cleaner upon their departure than at their arrival, and I like to think I'm a fairly clean person! And I don't even know where to start with how amazing they were with my cat, Timi!

She was showered with affection and attention and I came home after my week-long vacation to a very relaxed and happy kitty. I would ask them to take care of my cat and home anytime!... And I must admit, I was slightly jealous of my cat! Looks like she had an even better vacation than I did...

I staycation with the two best pet sitters ever!"


From Linda
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (various dates in 2017) TrustedHouseSitters.com

"Sophie is fantastic and I will happily seek her services again and will be thrilled whenever she is available and able to watch my animals and house for me!"


From Manon S.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (various dates since 2012)

"Sophie and Philippe are very reliable, caring and responsible individuals. I would absolutely recommend them / hire them again to care for my property and my pets, either for a short stay or if away on an extended leave.

They would always take care of the property and pets as if their very own. Sophie and Philippe are very trustworthy and there is no issue with respect to the safety and safeguarding of your property."


From Miguel C.
Funchal, Madeira, Portugal (December 20, 2016 - January 03, 2017)

"Sophie & Phil are the real deal! The type of house sitters everybody would dream of having... They take charge as soon as they arrive and they know what they're doing. They love the animal kingdom and are the best animal lovers ever (ask my cat!!!).

This nice couple is extremely genuine and nice. When they left, the house was way cleaner than when I had myself left... They are full of good humour, energy, kindness and liveliness. They're highly recommendable.

The cat is not so happy now because they went away :))))))"


From Jana S.
Barcelona, Spain (November 09, 2016 - December 12, 2016) Nomador.com

"Sophie & Philippe are wonderful housesitters and great to spend time with, as well!"


From Charline et Hubert B.
Soreze, France (October 10 - November 02, 2016)

"Un grand merci à Sophie & Philippe pour vous être occupés de notre chatte Louna ainsi que de la maison et ces extérieurs.

Merci également pour les nombreuses discutions et photos de Louna sur Skype, cela nous a permis de passer de merveilleuses vacances en sachant que tout allait bien.

Les voisins, les amis ainsi que le club de randonnées dont nous faisons partie ou vous avez activement participer à quelques sorties. Tous ces personnes garderons un très bon souvenir de votre passage à SOREZE dans le Tarn. " Des Canadiens"

Merci a vous pour votre gentillesse et votre bonne humeur. Nous garderons un très bon souvenir de vous deux. Toutes Nos Amitiés" Charline, Hubert & Louna"


From Damien H.
Granada, Nicaragua (May 05 - September 03, 2016)

"Phil and Sophie were excellent house sitters. They watched my house for several months and were great! They even fixed some plumbing problems I had!

I highly recommend them as house sitters, they are great people and will take good care of everything."


From Fred M.
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada (Various dates since 2012)

"Saying a few words about my (and Giuseppes) experience having Sophie and Philippe house sit is a true privilege. I hope everyone gets to do the same one day.

They have house sit for me on several occasions over the last few years - from a few days to a prolonged stay. They are, without reservation, the most caring, considerate, and concerned house sitters.

Giuseppe the cat, although a delightful and gentle giant, can sometimes be a pint-sized challenge. No matter what his shortcomings are, I will forever love the guy unconditionally - he's my buddy, my companion.

But I sometimes worry when I think he can be cumbersome for others; his special diet, his nocturnal behavior. But Sophie and Philippe calmed this uneasiness in me. And that is a wonderful feeling when youre away

They emanate this genuine, undisguised heartfelt concern for the well being of your little companion. I really appreciated that they took notes, re-read them aloud, took care to assimilate the information and made sure they got every detail down. I also liked that they sent regular emails along with pictures.

And although taking care of the living space is secondary in my view, I had the assurance that my humble little hundred year old house was in good hands. They would even include lists of incoming mail in their regular correspondence with me.

I sincerely hope that everyone can have the pleasure of inviting them into their homes."


From Hakan C.
Kusadasi, Turkey (May 11-15, 2015)

"Phil and his wife Sophie are one of the greatest cat lovers I have ever met.

During their stay in my place they were really nice and close with my cat Misket. They even wanted to sleep next to Misket :) and my cat enjoyed their stay too much!

I strongly recommend them as pet sitters. They are one of the best! As guests... They are very respectful and helpful. My house was well cared for and clean all the time.

If they choose your place to stay in you can be sure that you are lucky! Thanks for everything my friends. Hope to see you again!"

Airbnb References

From Eric
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada (May - September 2017)

"Invités exemplaires! Probablement les meilleurs que nous avons jamais eu! Poli, tranquille, bonnes personnes! Je les conseille à n'importe quel hôte!"


From Leonardo
Granada, Nicaragua (February 2017)

"Philippe is definitely the ideal guest always ready for a good chat and also very gentle and simple. I can definitely recommend to any host."


From Eric
Brussels, Belgium (May 2015)

"Philippe and his wife are very Nice guests... polie, discreet, and It was a pleasure to meet them. Theys are always welcome with us."


From Nikolas
Mykonos, Greece (May 2015)

"Excelent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


From Allen
Denizli, Turkey (May 2015)

"We loved hosting Philippe and Sophie. They were wonderful guests, very simple, polite, easy-going and super friendly. Great communication and understanding. They were very considerate and respectful and left the place nice and tidy.

Thanks for staying at our apartment and giving us a chance to make great friends like you. We would be very pleased to welcome you again :) or meet with you anywhere in the world.

We wish you all the best for the future life and adventures. I recommend them whole heartedly to all Airbnb hosts."


From Vedat
Goreme, Turkey (May 2015)

"Friendly, Tidy people's. Nice communication. I hope everything went good."


From Soner
Istanbul, Turkey (May 2015)

"Philippe is very nice visitor. They are clean and tidy. I stongly suggest for airbnb."


From Jan-Luc
San-Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (August 2015)

"Sophie and her friends were very nice guests. I can really recommend them."


Artist Portfolio

The Amazing Stroll

Art always had a prominent place in my life. It has followed me for as far back as I can remember.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of dabbling into a wide variety of artistic ventures.

Fortunately, this website allows me to unleash my creativity and continue to scratch my artistic itch!

Whether you’re in need of an artist or just curious, allow me to take you on an Artistic Journey as I present to you my Artist Portfolio.


The Amazing Stroll

As a kid I would religiously watch the PBS educational drawing program called The Secret City hosted by @Mark_Kistler, which every week diligently taught me the art of drawing.

I would rummage through the pages of my fathers’ TV Guide, highlighting whenever the show was on and waited anxiously with my stack of paper and pencils at hand. Countless hours were spent in front of the television perfecting my drawing skills.

Although nowadays I rarely break out the pencils, I still know how to incorporate shading, angles, depth perceptions, etc.

Digital drawing came much later into my life; in 2016 to be precise. This blog was the reason I learned how to do this. I draw digitally practically every day for the website’s featured images and animations. Although I still have much to learn about the whole process, I never get tired of it!


The Amazing Stroll

I’m a bass guy; always have been always will be.

Those low-tone sounds just connect with me on a deep level. I dove head first into music at the age of fourteen, practicing diligently seven days a week, two to three hours a day like clockwork. For many years, music was my obsession. It was all I could think of.

My most rewarding time as a musician was in my late twenties to mid-thirties as a member of the band Les Anarchitectes, which consisted of Pierre Picard on guitar, Do Tremblay on drums and lead vocals, me on bass and Sylvain Meunier on just about everything else.

We wrote our own material, to which I contributed bass lines and the occasional song arrangement, and played in front of crowds from as little as ten people to as many as six thousand people. I cannot possibly describe the feelings the first time I heard one of our songs being played on the radio. It was quite the surreal experience!

Here are some of our musical creations:

Nowadays my basslines serve as the background grooves for all of our animations.


The Amazing Stroll

For over a decade I was a drama teacher, actor, script writer, producer and director. Ouf! My mentor was Denis Blondin from Café Theatre Markalou.

The Amazing Stroll: Jedi and Padawan

The Amazing Stroll: Jedi and Padawan

Although the grind of it wore me out towards the end, I still relish those years spent on stage making people laugh. I say grind as I was on stage four nights a week for about 40 weeks per year! Not counting teaching drama classes, rehearsals, set building… I’m getting tired just typing about it all! Hahahahaha!

On top of that I was running my own theatre company called Les Spectacles Apitchou. We performed plays in elementary schools and private auditoriums all over my region.

The Amazing Stroll: Stop clowning around!

The Amazing Stroll: Stop clowning around!

Teaching drama to children was another big part of the equation.

The Amazing Stroll: I had hair!

The Amazing Stroll: I had hair!

I estimate that I thought the art of theatre to about five thousand children from age three to seventeen. Showing them how to utilize their voices to their full potential, how to move on stage, how to develop a character… all of which was capped off with an end-of-semester play presented in front of classmates and family.

The Amazing Stroll: Need earplugs?

The Amazing Stroll: Need earplugs?


The Amazing Stroll

During the last days of my theatre years I successfully pitched a children television show to Videotron – a provincial cable service provider in Quebec – called La cachette de Cachou.

Because of time constraints everything had to be ready for shooting in three weeks! I’m talking designing and building sets, writing thirteen episodes, getting the music ready, collaborations, etc. If I recall properly, I believe I slept three to four hours a night during those three weeks. By the time the cameras rolled, I had nothing left in the tank. I think it shows in my performance. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Here’s a clip for you:


The Amazing Stroll

Prior to this website, all of my creative writing experiences have been theatre related and in French.

Throughout my career, I wrote a total of thirteen plays and thirteen television episodes. All comedies.

This blog is my first opportunity to do creative writing in an language that’s not French. Sophie and I both perform the data research. I then detail the article’s storytelling layout and write the content. Our good friend @IanPavelko review all written content prior to posting for any grammatical mistakes and any parts that require clarification or restructuring.

Is my writing any good? Well… that’s for you to decide!


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The Amazing Stroll

Just like digital drawing, creating and building animations started back in 2016.

We’re not talking Pixar quality animations here, but entertaining nonetheless. I LOVE creating animations. Coming up with the story, writing the script, recording the music and narration, drawing the slides, editing… everything.

I’m looking forward to learning more and more about the tools that are available and how to increase our animation quality over time.

Animated features are spread-out here and there throughout our website, but can also all be found under one roof on our YouTube Channel

There you have it!

Like Sophie says… If you have a need for an artist and you think I could contribute, don’t be shy. Get in touch and we’ll work something out!

The Amazing Stroll

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