The Amazing Stroll: Well hello there!

The Amazing Stroll: Well hello there!

Philippe here...

Have you been browsing our site The Amazing Stroll, seeing our cartoon likeness here and there, wondering about our story, asking yourself: Who are these people?!??

Well, would you like to know?

Yes? You answered yes!

*blush*… How flattering!

Well, best start by watching this quick animation about how we met.

Go right ahead! It’s only about 1:30 minutes long. I’ll go grab a snack while you do that.

(Video rated PG – Sexual innuendo)

That was back in 2010. Our chemistry was so off the chart that colleagues would constantly tell us to “get a room!”.



We feel so privileged that our paths crossed. We just love spending our days together! Our personalities just mesh so well together as we just complete each other’s life so wonderfully! Sophie loves to clean and I love to cook. She loves to plan and I’m the trigger man. She’s introverted and I’m more extroverted. She’s more science and research, and I’m more arts. Sophie’s brother says that we go together like salt & pepper.

I believe that the best part of being together is that we don’t snuff each other’s dreams and aspirations. We only have one kick-at-the-can in this crazy world, so we both want to be sure to make it count! We never tell one another to settle for something that doesn’t fulfill us.

  • “You want to go travel the world? Sure! Let’s go!”

  • “You want to learn Portuguese? I know you’ll succeed! Here are some tools that I found to help you achieve your goal!”

  • “You just feel like staying in, watching Netflix wearing pjs? I’ll go get us some snacks and a blanket!”

Our daily reality is that we expose ourselves to a world of possibilities and intend to take full advantage of it. Not everyone has those options, be it frail health, fear, guilt… whatever it is, we vowed to each other not to sit on our hands and let our lives slip into resignation.



By far, the biggest life path decision we’ve made these past few years is to split our time between being at home in Canada and House Sitting abroad. When in Canada, we live a minimalist lifestyle in urban Ottawa alongside our cat Minette.

We’ve perfected The Art of Downsizing to a point that everything we own fits inside 7-8 boxes. A few years ago, we discovered House Sitting and we fell in love with it, so we decided to make it the focal point of our lives. Being that we both got bit by the travel bug and that we just LOVE animals, it was just a natural fit. We love animals so much that we even became vegetarians! Maybe we’re just becoming more sensitive with age?



Every time someone asks us the classic question of: So… what do you do? When we answer House Sitting, an avalanche of questions falls upon us:

  • “That’s a thing?”

  • “How does it work?”

  • “Where did you go?”

  • “How can I get involved?”

  • “Where are you heading next?”

No matter whether one of us is at the dentist, while getting a root canal, talking with a fellow traveler or running into former work colleagues, they’ve all been intrigued by our Journey.

After a few years of this, we thought it would be nice to finally have our own blog and offer a platform for anyone who wants to learn more about House Sitting, budget traveling or just how to take their sweet time letting life unfold.

Now… you might be asking yourself: Why would you create another blog about this, when so many of them already exist out there? The answer is threefold:



It’s very therapeutic and soul cleansing to have a platform in which we can write and unleash our creativity and inner thoughts, almost like a diary.



It’s an enormous opportunity for social outreach to connect with other wonderful Travelers, House Sitters, Homeowners and Readers.



We hope our Readers will find our content informative and that it will inspire them to move their life in the direction that they want. We all have preferred ways to be reached, like a radio dial, so we’re offering a channel in the hopes that might just be the one that speaks to you.



Let’s also be honest about something, having a blog also creates opportunities for generating income; which is why you will find on the site affiliate links for services that we use ourselves and believe in. If you have an interest in acquiring those services for yourself, use our affiliate links, which will then support us financially without costing you more. Besides, no matter what, this blog isn’t going anywhere, regardless of home many “views” or “likes” or followers it has, as it will be our diary for the remainder of our wonderful House Sitting Journeys together and your platform to fulfill yours.

Oh… If you’re curious to know how we came up with the name The Amazing Stroll, watch this:

(Video rated G – for everyone)

The Amazing Stroll

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