The Amazing Stroll can contribute to the success of your travel publication by…


Improving readership relations

Increasing brand loyalty

Creating online buzz



When travellers get together, they LOVE sharing their funny travel stories and mishaps. Imagine if a travel publication such as yours provided them with a platform to see their funniest travel story come to life in the form of a travel comic strip?



Each issue you publish features a handful of travel comic strips depicting your reader’s travel stories and their cartoon likeness.


My role

Handling every step of the process, such as:

  • Receiving the story submissions

  • Selection process

  • Storyboarding

  • Drawings

  • Formatting

Gain access to my expertise in this matter and use it to your benefit.



Your travel publication becomes less of a push product and more of a pull product.

Let your readers spread the word for you!

We all know how exciting it is for people to see their story published. Let alone seeing themselves in cartoon form! They’ll share it on social media, letting everyone know a travel comic strip featuring their story is in circulation.

Building a connection = Building loyalty.

Real stories by real people.